Here at Haven, we work with you to address the intersecting challenges of education, regulatory compliance and workforce productivity.


We provide programmes that ensure all workers keep themselves and those around them safe and following best hygiene practices.


We have a number of Infection Control courses that can be taken by staff at all levels. We take this one step further by creating a unique Learning Campaign that not only educates staff but persuades and convinces them to stringently adopt the behaviours and best practices in Infection Control.


Our solutions also facilitate patient adherence to treatment plans and self-care through specialized

education modules that focus on individual conditions or treatment needs.


However with all our work, we think we stand out in the way we seek to properly understand our clients’ real issues and goals. We question in detail these issues and goals to get to the heart of each learning intervention. We employ our highly technical, yet creative powerhouse to deliver a highly compelling solution where learners actually enjoy partaking in our fun games and quizzes, all the while being convinced that the information being given is really worth following. We also provide excellent value in what we deliver, ultimately saving you time and money.


WE CREATE learning solutions that achieve increased compliance, competency, and provide a measurable increase in business value.




















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• Custom learning solutions including full or bite-sized courses, rapid e-Learning,
   mobile learning and live online training
• Simulations allowing learners to try out skills in a safe, non-live environment
• 3D Animations and Visualizations
• Training and Motivational Videos
• Assistance and coaching with e-Learning teams

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